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Validating addresses php

First, we need to match the three possible forms of the local part of an email address, using the two patterns below (we'll add in escape characters later, when we put the function together): We can use the two patterns we've defined here to check for obsolete local parts of email addresses too, saving ourselves from needing a third pattern.

Next, we need to check the domain portion of the email address.

RFC 2822, that specifies what is and is not allowed in an email address, states that the form of an email address must be of the form "local-part @ domain".

The "local-part" of an email address must be between 1 and 64 characters in length and may be made up in any one of three ways.

Labels may contain letters, digits and hyphens, however must not begin or end with a hyphen (officially, a label must begin with a letter, not a digit, however many domain names have been registered beginning with digits so for the purposes of validation we will assume that digits are allowed at the start of domain names).

A domain name, technically, need be only one label.

You might benefit from checking in more depth, for example seeing if a domain name is registered.

Putting it all together gives us the following function.

Call it like any normal function, and you will get back a value of "true" if the string entered is a valid email address, or "false" if the input was an invalid email address.

You can now validate email addresses entered into your site against the specifications that define email addresses (more or less - domain names that start with a number are supposed to be invalid, but do exist).

The following are all valid as the first part of an email address: The "domain" portion of the email address can also be made up in different ways.

The most common form is a domain name, which is made up of a number of "labels", each separated by a period and between 1 and 63 characters in length.

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