U n i t dating controversy

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U n i t dating controversy

Since 1910 we have sent out more than 20 million.' As more golliwog toys, watches and dinner sets were produced, the figure became part of everyday life and began to pop up in numerous children's books.

It was in some of these stories, however, that they fell foul of the unpleasant racist stereotyping that has made the golliwog such a contentious figure in recent years.

Children's author Enid Blyton is seen as a major culprit, after portraying golliwogs in her Noddy stories as naughty thieves who once pinched Noddy's prized yellow car.

Meanwhile, the word 'wog' began to be used as a derogatory word for black people.

Slightly changing the name, they released a flurry of 'Golliwog' dolls, toys and badges.

These dolls proved enormously popular and only the Teddy Bear was more coveted by children in the mid 20th century.

In this tale, the Golliwogg was initially described as 'a horrid sight, the blackest gnome', but turns out in fact to be good, loveable and brave, with a 'kind face'.

Dressed in red trousers with white shirt and a blue coat, he proved an instant hit with the British public, and Florence and her mother Bertha (who wrote the words that accompanied the pictures) proceeded to publish a whole series of Golliwogg adventures.

Book character: A golliwog cartoon from a fifties children's book Born into an eccentric English family who had recently emigrated to the United States, Florence studied as an artist in New York, and after her father died in 1889 found work as an illustrator.As soon as Florence saw him, she knew she had found her protagonist.'As the Golliwogg has always seemed to me to be telling me his own biography, so in the same way he must have told me his own name,' she later said.For most people, the golliwog will always be associated with Robertson's Jam - the brand's smiling mascot and a comforting reminder of childhood.But times have changed and he is now persona non grata, a symbol of reviled racist stereotyping.

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