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Tetraflex accommodating intraocular lens

A drawback to most mechanical accommodating IOLs is that the ciliary muscle may not be strong enough to power the lens to provide an in-focus image at every distance.

As a result, currently approved accommodating lenses typically can’t provide a full range of vision.

Accommodating IOLs One approach, accommodating IOLs, tackle the problem differently.

Instead of placing multiple focusing elements in a single fixed lens, most accommodating lenses change focus by utilizing a single optical element that moves like a camera lens or alters shape.

It received a CE mark in 2006, but is not yet FDA-approved.

In April 2011, Alcon was acquired by Swiss-based Novartis.

The company declined to invest in a subsequent round, and Elenza has claimed Novartis is attempting to “exploit the technologies invented by Elenza and to capture for itself 100 percent of the anticipated revenues from the commercialization of Elenza’s technologies.” The matter is in litigation.

However, the lens got stalled in the FDA approval process for three years, and eventually AMO discontinued it.

THE STALLED Sapphire Autofocal (Elenza, Inc.) is billed as the first “electro-active” accommodating IOL.

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Clinical trials have been completed in Europe, and Akkolens is anticipating a CE mark. Expanding PC-IOL Options Expected to Fuel Demand Among Patients.

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