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So come and enjoy a hands-on introduction to South Africa’s rainbow of culture!

Speed up delivery of title deeds to beneficiaries of housing projects.9.

Take, for instance, one of the most famous ones – that of Robben Island wherein Nelson Mandela, the first black president of the country, was once imprisoned for his efforts to free his people from oppression.

In Kwa Zulu Natal you will find that the Zulu culture is still very much alive in the descendents of the ancient Zulu king Shaka at Shakaland.

Initiate a pilot project for clinics to open for extended hours.10. Making a pro-poor billing system Mashaba identified ways that the city’s billing system will need to change to be more pro-poor.

He said the poorest in Johannesburg will receive free basic services.“Every month they will receive 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 6 kilolitres of water, free sewerage and refuse removal services,” Mashaba said.

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