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The provision of good quality education and information packs for individuals, families/carers along with appropriate verbal discussion at time of need. Work to ensure language system (regardless of form) is used functionally and is therefore effective on an individual basis.Teaching/learning on internet etiquette and supervision.3. Social communication Targeted social communication programmes delivered either individually or in a group setting as required and appropriate to the individual to include internet etiquette and promotion of online safety.4. Acceptance by families that friendships can take many forms7.Involvement of families/carers in assessment and implementation of new learning Education for families/employers/ care providers/housing dept re practical needs 14.Co existing conditions- examplesepilepsy, dyspraxia, dyslexia, disorders of attention, sensory impairment, anxiety, sleep disorder, addiction, anger management, depression, self harm, psychosis, personality disorder, OCD, disordered eating patterns etc These require assessment and treatment/management by appropriate specialist clinician.Joint working is crucial across specialities with a clear case co-ordinating lead identified.A teenager was sexually assaulted with a sweeping brush as she slept at a party.For each of the 14 “challenges” we collected information about the following: 1.Understanding the implications of an autism diagnosis Post diagnostic discussion (s) and individualised counselling. Development of effective means of communication Individualised language therapy assessment. Alternative and augmentative communication systems introduced where required.

He will not have to sign the register because he admitted breaching the peace.

Miss Aldridge later fell asleep on a sofa, wearing a pair of pyjama shorts, which Anderson moved to one side.

Binnie then sexually assaulted her with a sweeping brush.

The attack happened on June 27, 2015 but sentencing only took place after thirteen court appearances.

Both men appeared together on Thursday and were sentenced.

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Tracie Aldridge, then 19, slept through the attack by Jordan Binnie, but woke the next day to find it had been live-streamed on Snapchat and sent to her friends by Fraser Anderson.

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