Scavengerhuntdating com

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Scavengerhuntdating com

They’re at Target and Walmart, and you need to find them immediately people!

Once you’ve procured your Tim Tams, you’ll also need a hot beverage–coffee, tea, chocolate, doesn’t matter.

Here’s how it works: You head to Target, or your favorite “Stuff Mart” with a list for each of you. Find all the items on your list and meet back at the front of the store! You and your sweetie can determine the prize in advance! 😉 If you can’t think of anything, it could be something like winner chooses the restaurant or a movie to go to next.

The real fun is in hurrying around the store without getting thrown out by security–no running over toddlers or little old ladies!

In my post on A Year of Date Nights, I delved into the idea of what makes a great date and how to plan an entire year of excellent dates for you and your spouse.

One of those suggestions was a Target Scavenger Hunt.

As much as we love and enjoy each other, it can get awkward and yes, boring.Ladies, be sure you have a charged phone...difficult I know.Space to download an app, data to do the hunt and room for some pictures We have a spot for one more guy 25-35. 3-5 dates in 2 hours while walking around tnt French quarter.Based on signups we can only do the 25-35 group and all others will be given the option to get a refund or participate in a competitive hunt at that same time with others (groups/teams made on site)To all those who have registered for this hunt.Please check your email provided for one from [email protected](check in spam if you don't see it).

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There are also some things on the list that are there just to make it a little more challenging: orange nail polish, green underwear…