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A team of 14 people have put it together, coordinated from Munich, Germany.It's the same team that made The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion mod Nehrim - indeed, Enderal is a sequel to Nehrim, not that you need to have played it.I don't use it for installing mods simply because I find it to be quite complicated, although I do use it for making a Bashed Patch (read on).Most hardcore modders swear by it because it has so many useful features lacking in OBMM (which is much more limited in its functionality).I'll give you some basic info later, but you really should check out this site and read as much as you can. It's a step-by-step guide to modding your game with some of the most popular mods out there.

When you're ready to start installing mods, preferably after reading through the rest of the guide, refer to the step-by-step guide further down) Okay, so how do mods work?

---EXTERNAL PROGRAMS--- The Oblivion community has worked hard to make mods better and easier to install. - Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) helps you install and manage mods. It adds scripting functions and other advanced stuff that modders can use in their mods, but you only have to worry about installing it.

If you have the Steam version of Oblivion, there is a slightly different install process. Oblivion Graphics Extender (OBGE) is actually a very powerful plugin for OBSE, so you'll need OBSE first if you want to use this.

Yes, you may need to register, but it's free (yes, even at File Planet) and it's fast.

After you do, you can get all the mods you'll ever need.

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Wrye Bash has many components within it, but one of the most important is the one that handles installation of mods.

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