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Windows Live Mesh once offered built-in, easy-to-use favorites synchronization.Unfortunately, Microsoft has now announced plans to shut down Windows Live Mesh on February 13, 2013.First, locate your Favorites folder – you’ll find it under C:\Users\NAME on your computer, where NAME is your Windows user account’s name.Right-click the Favorites folder and select Properties.Now, I go to one of the ones that updates regularly, it will often show EVERYTHING as unread, no matter how many are read, untill I go off it and back on it. On top of this, clicking on an unread bookmark doesn't mark it as read, again unless I leave that particular feed and go back to it.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera – they all offer bookmark synchronization. There are several ways to sync your favorites, including an integrated method on Windows 8.For example, if you want to synchronize them with Sky Drive, select the C:\Users\NAME\Sky Drive\Favorites folder.Remember to create a subfolder in your cloud-storage folder or your favorites will spill out into your main Sky Drive folder, making it a cluttered mess.Live bookmarks are implemented through the ns ILivemark Service class, which is a bookmark container.The livemarks service is a Singleton which keeps track of the livemarks and updates them regularly.

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Xmarks is a more integrated, easier-to-use solution that Internet Explorer users on Windows 7 and older versions of Windows will appreciate.

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