Greek women for dating

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Greek women for dating

The Greek physician provides a good description of hysteria, which is clearly distinguished from epilepsy.He emphasizes the difference between the compulsive movements of epilepsy, caused by a disorder of the brain, and those of hysteria due to the abnormal movements of the uterus in the body.“When I’d be away, she would text me and call me constantly.She was always checking up on me to see if I wasn’t cheating on her.” Jack recounts that when he had tried to pull away from the relationship, she would come kicking and screaming at his apartment at 11 at night threatening to kill him.So the ancient experts have spoken: If Greek women are more neurotic than most, it’s due to lack of sex and a “melancholy” uterus.

According to Greek mythology, the experience of hysteria in women was attributed to core of their madness.The cure to get their uterus whammed back into place is by having sex over and over so that the penis like a good hammer or a screwdriver can fix it. But why no one has given a name for the same disorder in men is curious.If the stereotypes are right, then men should be even more neurotic, crazy and violent when they do not get enough satisfaction of their carnal urges.For this reason, the uterus is prone to get sick, especially if it is deprived of the benefits arising from sex and procreation, which, widening a woman’s canals, promote the cleansing of the body.And he goes further; especially in virgins, widows, single, or sterile women, this “bad” uterus – since it is not satisfied – not only produces toxic fumes but also takes to wandering around the body, causing various kinds of disorders such as anxiety, sense of suffocation, tremors, sometimes even convulsions and paralysis.

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Alternatively, a Greek-American man who had tried unsuccessfully for many years to appease his parents by dating only Greek girls gave it up because as he said, “They’re all crazy.” He is now happily married to an Irish-German very American woman “with no hang ups.” From what I have heard from guy friends, both Greek and non-Greek who date Greek women, the verdict is that Greek girls are wracked with insecurities, jealousies, petty disagreements, that present major challenges to relationships for guys who want just a laid-back, live-and-let-live type of relationship.

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