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When asked for comment, Chelsea’s rep told Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are over!! It’s a little hard to believe that Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler haven’t already starred in a movie together, but it seems the two haven’t been on screen together since Ferrell left Saturday Night Live … District Court Judge James Robart as a “so-called judge” and tweeted ”anyone, …Reportedly, the couple of a little over a year has pulled the plug on their engagement and relationship. On Saturday night, President Donald Trump lashed out at the federal judge who blocked the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority nations. After a disastrous performance on live television on New Year’s Eve, Mariah Carey‘s representative claimed the singer was “set up to fail” by the production company.You have a responsibility to be a role model - a role model to young girls and gay and questioning youth. , and so far Chelsea Handler has heard nothing she likes. "), not saying anything while she waits for someone to come up with something she can spin into the kind of humor that's made her late-night talk show on E! In fact, since , each title entirely descriptive of its con­tents) that have all been New York Times bestsellers. And to top it off, she's made so much money — mil­lion in the past 12 months from her assort­ed ventures (the show, the books, a stand-up comedy tour, a 0,000 sponsorship from Belvedere vodka, her booze of choice) — that she recently found herself on Forbes' annual top-100 list of big-moneymaking famous people.But for the moment, she's good right where she is, which at pres­ent time means standing in front of her dressing-room mirror at work and inspect­ing her outfit for this evening's show. " says a frowning stylist who is working on Handler. " Handler re­plies, with a straight face even though she's kidding, which is typical for her ripostes. " She likes to talk run-on like that, and she can sometimes verge on hysteria, like when Chunk lays some soggy shadoobies on the floor and she starts yelling, "Oh, oh, I'm going to vomit! " But mainly her vibe is droll and deadpan and friendly and jokey-fun nasty.

Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler let it all hang out on national television Monday night - and they didn't care who saw.The very first thing she does is check her e-mail on her Black Berry — "a couple of private matters, e-mails from my OB-GYN."Then she gets up, pees, brushes her teeth, makes oatmeal, eats oatmeal, returns to her bed­room to brush her teeth again, gets a pri­vate Pilates session from a woman known only as Pilates Tina, hops into her Jaguar XK and drives herself to work with her dog, Chunk, in tow.She says that she nor­mally doesn't remember her dreams, but there's this one.Like one of the girls on the show, I've known her since I was 20, and we'd go out and be just like two fucking sluts. Neither of us would ever want a boyfriend, and guys would just creep us out. ' I don't regret any of the sex I've had, be­cause it's given me a wealth of material. They went out for three years before Handler dumped him earlier this year, mainly, she says, because he was trying to micromanage her busy life. So one morning I just got up and said, Tin out.' I'm sure he didn't think that was nice, but I was pretty happy about it." A period of celibacy followed, if only be­cause no one asked her out. Probably because I seem like a handful, which isn't attractive to a man. I can be a real pain in the ass." Then, one day, animal handler Salmoni arrived on the set with a camel. She said, "That's the only kind of blowing I do." He said, "If you're single, you're going to have to do a lot more than that." She thought, "Oh, who are you? They've been going out now for four months, but you really have to wonder if he knows what he might be get­ting when he gets a girl like her."He'd say to my friends, ' It's too much, she's under too much pres­sure, she can't handle it.' I can handle it, you can't handle it. ER MOTHER WAS A MORMON housewife, her father a Jewish used-car salesman of the rip-off, lemon-selling variety, and together they raised six children, with Chelsea being the youngest, out of a too-small ranch house in Livingston, New Jersey.

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As we told you yesterday, hip-hop star 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler were spotted on what appeared to be a date at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans over the weekend.

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