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If you use an RTL language and continue to have problems, please make sure that you are using one of the provided styles without template or CSS edits while testing.Options Several obsolete options have been removed from the Admin CP.This can be configured in the Usergroup Manager and under Channel Permissions.This will allow Administrators to control who can create events and where they can be created.You can disable Event creation completely by setting this to No for all usergroups.Upcoming Events Module - As the Site Administrator, you can place the Upcoming Events module on any page to allow users to find events from your site.In addition, events are searchable through the standard search engine. When creating events, users can provide the time(s) of the events and location.Users can also provide a full description using rich text editing and attachments like any other content type.

As the administrator, you can decide where community members can create events.

To do this, you would simply click on the gear icon at the top of the chat window.

Each new member will get full access to the chat up to the time they were added and can participate from that point on.

The Event system is designed to allow you to schedule events with your community members. Instead of simply copying the calendar system from previous versions of v Bulletin, the Event system is designed to provide the same flexibility of other content types in v Bulletin 5 Connect.

When combined with v Bulletin Messenger, you can have live conversations about your events. [ATTACH=JSON][/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON][/ATTACH] New Permission " Can Create Events" is new permission has been added to the system.

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