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When you are young, it seems like a great idea but one day you guys will be older, will want to get married 9to either each other or other people) and there is no telling how this could resurface. You can take out 10 credit cards and have a whole bunch of "free" money in a week.

If money is the goal, then look at it like a business.

Lmao I'm never going to understand the balloon fetish but it is a big fetish on some sites and you can make money if you blow up balloons.

You can make even more money if you blow up balloons until they pop. "Different" fetishes like that, which aren't dangerous or super weird, just different, are the best ways to make money. Start with some photos of you both stripping and then record you two playing some.

These people may be closed-minded, but it's the world we live in. I wouldn't bother about futurue if you need the money now.

For the type of person who would do something like this, likely if that was a deal breaker, that was not the partner they were looking for. Anyways there is only a small percentage of job you really can't get because of this, which probably you wouldn't want to do/wouldn't be able to do, if you are thinking about this money source. Yeah make her be the focus and you are just on call for some shows ... And k, if you're dedicated, you can eventually make more than that.

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As well, make sure she's open to fetishes, like ones that may not be typical.

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