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A good thing to keep in mind while on this site is, no matter how ridiculous a story you may write of childhood sexuality there is bound to be at least one pedo who will find it fappable.

This can also be of detriment to obtaining lulz but can easily be fixed with a bullet through the head.

An attack on lawful pedophile boards is tantamount to an attack on scientific research - in spite of all the diverse humorists and skeptics our boards support who would never give a researcher the time of day.

I believe that a DDOS attack on could stimulate academics to file police reports.

Some responses posted can offer quite a generous lulz deposit.

The sheer level of insanity among these users is enough to give an individual a decent ROFL.

Boychat is a bulletin board for male homosexual pedophiles.

The president signed an executive order which stopped all rules that haven’t taken effect in order to allow for review. 23, USDA issued interim operating guidelines outlining procedures to ensure the new policy team has an opportunity to review policy-related statements, legislation, budgets and regulations prior to issuance.

As more and more of you are tossed into prison as the result of YOUR ACTIONS (no, most of those people are NOT victims as they may claim, but they ARE rapists) - I now feel like laughing in their faces.

Taking advantage of children is sick, wrong and evil, and anybody who does such a thing deserves to be imprisoned.

Fuck the cult of boylove this place has inspired, and fuck all of its lies. No, I will not turn any of you fuckers in - but when the vast majority of you eventually do yourselves in because you are incapable of thinking with your brains instead of your cocks, don't expect me to pity you like I used to. After having posted here for a number of years, I have been shocked to find out who some of the individuals have been that I have corresponded with.

Some are in prison charged with crimes that make me feel dirty and guilty that I had ever considered them wise or enlightened people.


The illusion I had of the people around here has been destroyed and I do not believe that I have anything in common with the majority of the people here. In 2016, Boy Chat got hit by a DDo S attack that took down and then its backup domain,

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